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Communicating ideas whether its simple text or rich multimedia, can be powerful and sticky by achieving two simple things:

• Your ideas should be memorable
• The content should be shareable

If you could pair your information with corresponding visualization, you could grab attention among the general audience. Use visually appealing icons, menus and logos for this purpose. Get yourself some info-graphics or motion graphics to represent your data better. It could be illustrations or cartoons placed properly within the text.


Flowcharts give you the gist of a process in a single glimpse. Identify your core concepts and that will help to prepare the ideal layout for your data. In your flowchart, separate complex process and highlight the main points. If a flowchart is too long, you can break it into multiple flowcharts. However, make sure to use the correct shapes to represent data. Each shape in a flowchart represents a meaning, for example, a diamond represents a condition.


If you need your reader to go through the hyperlinks, you will need to make them distinctive enough. The proper use of hyperlinks can certainly aid readability. Keep away from the generic ‘Click here’ link text and try to incite reader to take the action. Keep the text in a different colour and address your reader directly. Users shouldn’t have to guess or scrub the page to find out where they can click. You can provide hyperlinks to link to content within the same page/file or across websites/files.


Apply strategic formatting for your text that helps you emphasis on your key points. Another effective way to instantly improve the visual friendliness of your content is to simply break up and organize your text.

For example:

• Try breaking up a paragraph into bulleted points
• Highlight essential information in bold and italics
Provide the proper indentation and bold formatting, to help a reader scan through your content easily. It is equally important to apply the same style of formatting throughout the piece of content.

Content writers in Mumbai are getting increasingly aware of the importance of presenting content, and are working in coordination with graphic designers to complete their piece of work. Writing today is not simply restricted to the use of words and goes beyond to include graphics and formatting.

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